Consent to Process Personal Data Relating to an HBDI® Assessment

What is the HBDI® assessment?

The HBDI® is an assessment that evaluates your thinking preferences. It uses your responses to survey questions to generate a profile of your individual thinking preferences.

How we will use the information we collect

We will use your HBDI® assessment responses to create and deliver reports, such as HBDI® individual, pair and team profile pages, data summaries and narrative descriptions of your thinking preferences. We will use your Axon account information to communicate with you and others described below to facilitate your receipt and use of these items. After you have taken the HBDI® assessment you may also have the opportunity to participate in additional activities and interactive games related to the assessment. If you participate, we will gather additional responses from you which we will process to provide you with activity and game results.

Who will have access to your information?

We may share your contact information, assessment responses, and assessment results with certified practitioners who have been accredited by us to administer assessments and interpret assessment results and reports. We may also share such data with persons assisting certified practitioners and with others who are involved in administering and coordinating assessments. Before receiving your data, all persons described in this paragraph must have: (i) agreed to protect the data and to use it only for the purposes described in this Consent (you may review an example agreement here), and (ii) been determined by our authorized personnel to have a legitimate need to access assessment data in order to facilitate, administer or coordinate assessments. Most often, the information recipients described in the paragraph above will be located in the country in which you are located. However, if you are employed by a multinational company with authorized recipients located in other countries or are temporarily in another country and desire access to your account or your profiles and reports, your information may be accessed and processed by yourself and by authorized recipients in those other countries. If your information is processed in a country that is not a member the European Economic Area and has not been determined by the European Commission to ensure adequate levels of protection, your data could be provided less protection than would be afforded in those countries. Remedies to stop unwanted uses or disclosures could also be less available or effective than those available within the European Economic Area. If you do not want your data to be processed outside of the European Economic Area, please contact the certified practitioner who invited you to take the HBDI® assessment to discuss possible alternative arrangements.

Why should I consent to sharing my information?

The profiles generated using the information provide you with a valuable, non-judgmental language to understand yourself and others, with which you can improve collaboration, communication, innovation and productivity. Individuals receiving their profiles frequently report having better relationships, satisfaction, and outcomes at work and at home.

Withdrawing your consent

You may withdraw your consent to our processing of your information as described above at any time by clicking on this link to submit a change request:

Additional Information

For additional information regarding our processing of personal data, you may view our full Privacy Policy here: The Privacy Policy provides information about how we share, transfer and safeguard personal data, the length of time we retain personal data, and rights you have regarding any personal data about you.